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What is the purpose of our bodies in the age of digital intimacy? How can we even ask a question that infers that the body may no longer be the primary vehicle through which we experience the world?


Global Committee is delighted to be presenting a new video by the Turner Prize-winning artist Laure Prouvost entitled ‘We Know We Are Just Pixels’, in which flickering images form a conversation amongst themselves. Discussing their existence and vulnerabilities in relation to the viewer looking at them, the images want to be more than just pixels; they want to explore and exist outside of the machine upon which they are being played.


Legendary filmmaker and artist Barbara Hammer presents a performance entitled ‘Available Space’ where she explores the relationship of architectural space to the image and the limits of the projector’s beam.


Jeremy Hutchison is the Global Committee resident-artist-fundraiser for the night, be sure to fill up his tip jars and have your generous philanthropy snapped for future generations to marvel at your support for the arts. All proceeds from tonight go towards our future program.


Laura Cooper & Ian Giles continue their series of collaborative works with ‘The Heart Wants What the Click Wants’ a new performance happening throughout the gallery. Their group will be collectively led through a guided meditation to mentally work from the inside out. Also keep an eye out for Stephen Kwok’s evolving text work as he administers a ‘fingertip comprehension massage’ via an architectural intervention.


Dive down into the Body2Body video lounge to watch works that engage with flesh-like textures, whispering voices and pulsing images that reach out and touch your eyes and ears; reminding us that we are still physically present even in this digital age of distant touch. Works presented: Shana Moulton, MindPlace ThoughStream [2014]; Molly Lowe, FORMED [2013]; Andrew Norman Wilson, Uncertainty Seminars [2014] and Jenna Bliss, C.K. (for Chris Kraus) [2013]  Alongside video works by sculptor Juliana Cerqueira Leite, Foam [2011] and Ann Hirsch, I, Decay Part III: Body Conscious [2014].


So slip into something sleek and place your body in our hands for the night.



Barbara Hammer / Laure Prouvost / Shana Moulton / Molly Lowe

Andrew Norman Wilson / Ann Hirsch / Jenna Bliss / Juliana Cerqueira Leite / Jeremy Hutchison/ Laura Cooper & Ian Giles / Stephen Kwok

Thursday 9th April | 7pm - 9pm

LUX LOGO Barbara Hammer Projection 2


Shana_Installation_Shot_Body2Body Laure Prouvost

Laure Prouvost

Barbara Hammer

Laura Cooper & Ian Giles

Shana Moulton


With thanks to LUX and Garis & Hahn