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British artists Laura Cooper & Ian Giles work within their individual practices whilst also producing collaborative performance works together, they are based between New York and London. Their joint works have been shown at Tate Britain, London; Camden Arts Centre, London; Artlicks Weekend, London and Global Committee, New York. They studied at the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London.


Roarke Menzies is a Vancouver-born, New York City-based artist and composer. Recent solo sound performances include the Knockdown Center, Queens (2016); VOLUME, Los Angeles (2016); Outlet Fine Art, Brooklyn (2016); the Material Art Fair, Mexico City (2016); the Spring Break Art Show, New York (2016); the Untitled Art Fair, Miami (2016) and the Bushwick Starr, Brooklyn (2016). Menzies has released three solo recordings to date on his own Coup de Glotte label. His scores for contemporary dance, performance, installation, games, television and film have appeared in the New Museum (2015), the Kitchen (2012), the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston (2012), the Watermill Center (2016), the Tribeca Film Festival (2014), and many others. As a collaborator, Menzies has participated in production residencies at Danspace Project (2017), the Fisher Center for the Performing Arts at Bard College (2014; 2013), and Abrons Arts Center (2013). He attended the Sonic Arts Program at City College of New York from 2007-2009.


Alex Zandi is an Iranian-American artist who works in Brooklyn, New York. Selected exhibitions include MX Gallery (2017, Solo), 15 Orient (2016), City Reliquary Museum (2016), Ortega y Gasset Projects (2015), Knockdown Center (2015), MX Gallery (2015), Bruce High Quality Foundation (2014), and Cousins (2014). Screenings include Kimberly-Klark (2017), Amsterdam International Film Festival (2015, Best Experimental Film Award), and Parsons Gallery (2013). Alex received the Howard Nemerov Poetry Prize in 2013. Alex graduated from the Washington University in St. Louis in 2013 with degrees in Fine Art and English Literature.







April 11 | 14 | 21 | 2017

Laura Cooper & Ian Giles /

Roarke Menzies / Alex Zandi  



‘Community is not the work of singular beings, nor can it claim them as its works, just as communication is not a work or even an operation of singular beings, for community is simply their being - their being suspended upon its limit.’ - Jean-Luc Nancy, The Inoperative Community


Singles are a series of one night solo exhibitions featuring artists working in film, performance, installation, printmaking and sound. During April, Global Committee has invited individual artists to install a work in the project space. The presenting artists will invite an audience into the space to share a meal together – a chance to hear more about the work presented, eat, share ideas, approaches and to open up and out - .



April 11th | 7:30pm

Laura Cooper & Ian Giles work within their individual practices whilst also producing collaborative performance works, made with groups of people. They explore how human relations can create an energy that is as palpable as traditional sculptural materials.Their new performance will happen in and around the invited audience. The group will be surrounded by a vocal meditation to mentally work from the inside out.


April 14th | 7:30pm

Roarke Menzies will present Breath's Length, a new work for amplified voice, loop station, and audio effects that considers both the indeterminate length of a breath, and the indeterminate length of time one has left to breathe (i.e. to be alive). The work attempts to poetically extend each with technological assistance. The excerpted section builds from Steve Reich's notion of using "the human breath as the measure of musical duration".  Each sung tone is held for one breath's length, recorded, looped, and overlayed, accreting into a heaving mass of sound – an audible sonic body that 'breathes' indefinitely.



April 21st | 7:30pm

Alex Zandi will present The Goldfish, his most recent film. A contemporary portrait of Middle Eastern American identify. Migrating from the World Trade Center to a Persian New Year celebration, an enchanted forest emerges. Time collapses, realism and fantasy become indiscernible, a third space of critical play unfolds. In Alex's work the division between realism and fantasy is canceled, generating a third space where the shadows of utopia play critically among us.




1040 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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Laura Cooper & Ian Giles

Roarke Menzies

Alex Zandi


Alex Zandi

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