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Textured Windows

18 June - 12 July 2015

Bjørn Mortensen / Carlos Rosales-Silva Ciara Phillips / Job Piston

Bjørn Mortensen is based in Bergen, Norway. His work has been exhibited at NADA New York with Entrée (US); NY Art Book Fair, MoMA PS1 (US); Kraft (NO); Spazio Gerra (IT); Tag Team (NO); Knipsu (NO); Passatge (ES); Potsyd (NO); Banská Stiavnica (SVK) and Elthorne Studios (UK). In addition to his own practice he runs a gallery, Tollbodallmenningen 39, promoting young artists from his studio space in a residential building in the city center of Bergen. Together with artist Mathijs van Geest he runs the small publishing house, Apis Press.


Carlos Rosales-Silva is based in Brooklyn (born 1982, El Paso, Texas) Selected exhibitions include:  Summer Party, Hello Project Gallery, Houston TX [2014]; Fade Grid, CoLab Projects, Austin TX [Solo 2014]; National Register, The Contemporary Austin, Austin TX [Solo 2012]; Unfadeable so please dont try to fade me, Lawndale Art Center, Houston TX [Solo 2012]; Heir Today Gone Tomorrow, Mexican American Cultural Center, Austin TX [2011] and Young Latino Artists 13, Mexic-Arte Museum Austin TX [2008] Carlos graduated from the University of Texas Austin, Texas BFA [2010].


Ciara Phillips is based in Glasgow (born 1976, Ottawa, Canada) has a BA in Fine Art from Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada and an MA from The Glasgow School of Art (2004). Solo exhibitions have been staged at Bergen Kunsthall (2014); The Showroom, London (2013); Inverleith House, Edinburgh (2013); Atelier am Eck, Düsseldorf (2010); and Washington Garcia Gallery, Glasgow (2009). Group exhibitions include: Turner Prize 2014, Tate Britain (2014); Funktion / Dysfunktion, Neues Museum Nürnberg (2013); There Will Be New Rules Next Week, Dundee Contemporary Arts (2013); Pull Everything Out (with Corita Kent), Spike Island, Bristol (2012); Who Decides?, Stadtgalerie Mannheim (2012); Zwishenraum: Space Between, Kunstverein Hamburg (2010).


Job Piston is based in Brooklyn & Los Angeles. He has been included in exhibitions at Artists Space, New York; MAK Center, Los Angeles; Jessica Silverman Gallery; Michael Benevento Gallery; Louis B. James, New York and Galerie Dohyang Lee, Paris. He is the Special Projects editor of Performa Magazine and his images have been published by i-D Magazine, Self Service, Opening Ceremony, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Kink amongst others. He earned a BFA at California College of the Arts & Crafts, and an MFA at University of California, Los Angeles.



With thanks to Entrée

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Ciara Phillips

Bjørn Mortensen

Carlos Rosales-Silva / Job Piston

Job Piston

Textured Windows explores how surfaces are mediated and rendered through printmaking, painting, photography and ceramics. In these works a trace of the makers actions remain but they become suspended through the process of recording or distilling.


In an age of screen based observation; where our eyes often ‘touch’ more textures than our fingers do, we are required to re-enliven images of surfaces in our minds and ask the brain to draw upon a knowledge bank of what things actually felt like.How do we feel inside when things slide or slip, drip or slop - crackle and fold; crinkle and rub?


All of the works presented go beyond merely formal concerns - the artists’ show how visual texture can speak of states that are in between; some look at the aesthetics and materials of marginalized communities, others at the desire to be seen or in contrast the want to disappear behind a surface. Some explore how one surface can be transformed with the addition of painted texture and gesture; exploring how one action is suspended inside another.


Carlos Rosales-Silva / Ciara Phillips